Monster Jam, one Mom's review

By Sally Adams January 15, 2020

“Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!”

“That was SICK!” 


These are just some of the statements my sons were screaming during Monster Jam this past weekend at the Angel Stadium of Anaheim. With trucks flying through the air with their engines roaring almost as loud as the crowd, Monster Jam was by far the highlight of my sons’ (Ages 3, 5, and 8) winter break. 

The day began with the Monster Jam Pre-Show Pit Party held in the parking lot from 2:30 - 5:30pm. This is a ticketed event for an additional $15.00. Fans were able to take pictures up close with their favorite monster trucks along with some of the drivers. Most notably was Adam Anderson, Gravedigger’s driver. The line for Mr. Anderson was quite long so if you are hoping for an autograph or photo with the more popular drivers make sure you are in line early because they cut off the longer lines due to the drivers leaving at 5:00pm. The Pit Party also offered entertainment such as “build your own truck” craft ($15.00), an inflatable slide (3 slides for $5.00), and a chance to take a rollicking ride in a larger version of Gravedigger as a group ($20 per person). In addition to these activities there was also a motorcycle stunt show and driver interviews broadcasted over a loud speaker. The Pit Party had a food truck round up with so many choices even the pickiest eater could find something! We opted for a boba tea and hot wings which were absolutely delicious. Other options were sushi burritos, poutine, burgers, tacos, and several sweets. 

Then it was time for Monster Jam. The trucks roared out onto the track one by one and took their places. This event is very loud so bring ear protection if anyone in your group is sensitive. The night was broken into three parts: elimination racing, skills, and freestyle. For the racing drivers compete two at a time in a timed race with the loser being eliminated and the winner advancing to the next bracket. These races had everyone on the edge of their seat because not only were the monster trucks fast and loud, they also crashed. A lot. 

Next was the skills competition which featured trucks on two wheels, donuts, and jumps. Just like the racing, they crashed. A lot.


Finally was the freestyle competition where drivers were given two minutes to show off their skills performing some of the most amazing stunts I have ever seen. The most incredible stunt is a full flip to landing back on its tires, which in most cases the truck did not because they crash. A lot. 

My family and I had never been to Monster Jam before and now we are absolutely hooked. My sons could not stop talking about their favorite trucks and the stunts. It was definitely a night to remember.

Tips: As stated above, this event is very loud. Bring ear protection for the littles or anyone who would be sensitive to sound. This event is also outside at night and it got very cold so dress appropriately. Lastly, bring cash for the vendors in the crowd. There is food sold in the entryways but if you do not want to leave your seat you can buy pizza, hot dogs, churros, pretzels, peanuts, lemonade, beer, and hot chocolate from the vendors with cash.  

Dates: January 25, 2020 and February 8,  22 & 23, 2020  at the Angel Stadium of Anaheim

Tickets: $22.00 and up; Pit Party $15.00 Click here, to be redirected to ticketmaster. Use cocde  MJMOM20 for $5 off.