Explore new ways to craft a balanced lunch for your kids at Target

Let’s make lunch exciting and fun using NABISCO Multipack Snacks and Danimals!

August 12, 2020

Providing a balanced meal for your kids can be easy since all of the items you need can be found, while you are shopping for all your return to school needs at Target. Let NABISCO, Danimals, and Horizon Milk help make lunch exciting and fun! School may look different this year for our kids, however lunches still need to be exciting and balanced every day.

We started our journey in the yogurt aisle. There was a large selection of Danimals products. We ended up choosing a package of Danimals Smoothie, as well as a package of the Squeezables. With flavors such as “Strawberry Explosion, Swingin’ Strawberry Banana, Pawfect Cotton Candy, Brave Berry, and even Mixed Berry,” there is something for even the pickiest of palates.

Macaroni Mom tip: Put your squeezable pouches in the freezer overnight, and place one in your child’s lunch in the morning. Not only will it thaw out in time for lunch, it doubles as an ice pack to keep the other items cool. This is great for learning at school, or even in a park for a picnic lunch.

Our next stop was the snack aisle. We grabbed some delicious NABISCO 12 and 20 count Cookie Multipacks to include in our balanced lunches.

NABISCO 12 and 20 count Cookie Multipacks are portioned for you so you don't have to do the calculating. Ensuring that kids will have a balanced meal while adding in some fun to their lunchtime. Limited Edition NABISCO MINIONS TEDDY GRAHAMS Snacks, Limited Edition MINIONS OREO Mini Cookies and Limited Edition MINIONS Mini CHIPS AHOY! Cookies are just a few of the varieties offered by NABISCO. With the variety they offer, you can mix and match lunches all week long ensuring your kids don't get bored with lunch. 

The last stop in our shopping journey was to pick up the milk. Horizon Organic Single Serve Milk boxes hit the spot. They are available in Chocolate, Vanilla, and regular Milk flavors. With all our items in tow,  we checked out and headed home to make our lunches.  

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 Use the Craft a Lunch page to guide your lunch packing.   

We had a lot of fun crafting our lunches and hope you will too. Check out the Danimals website for more kids lunchbox and snack ideas.  

This article is sponsored by NABISCO and Dannon. They provided us with the materials to discover new ways of crafting a creative, balanced lunch. All opinions expressed are my own.