Let the kids lunch, and go back to school with Kraft Heinz and Walmart

By Christine Bolton September 9, 2020

Let the kids lunch, and go back to school with Kraft Heinz and Walmart. 

School has started again, and for many of us that means they are doing distance learning. In between zoom meetings, and the demands of a needy toddler, there is the lunch rush. 

I love when my kids can help out while my hands may be tied up helping one of their siblings. 

I went to Walmart and picked up a few things to help make that a little bit easier. 


Kraft Heinz and Walmart want to help empower kids of all ages to help make their own lunches.

When kids have the opportunity to plan or make things on their own, such as their own lunches, they will feel more independent. It's so important to give kids choices, let them make decisions, and allow them to be creative whenever possible. 


With choices such as Deli Fresh Oven Roasted Turkey, Kraft Singles, and Ore-Ida Fries, I know that my kids are going to have a quick and easy to prepare lunch that helps to fuel them for the rest of their day of learning. 


The best part about the kids picking out their own lunches from the store is that they are excited to eat it. Which is a big deal when it comes to feeding opinionated children.  ;-)

My little lunch helper, preparing her sandwich.



A grilled turkey and American cheese sandwich, made with Deli Fresh Oven Roasted Turkey and Kraft Singles. 


The final result: Ore-Ida Easy Fries, grilled turkey and cheese sandwich, and apple slices. 

And it was a hit! 

Make sure that you head to Walmart and pick up some Kraft Heinz products, so that you too can “Let the Kids Lunch.” 

Disclaimer: Macaroni Kid is proud to partner with Kraft Heinz for this campaign. All views and opinions expressed are my own.