Note from your publisher 10-28

October 28, 2020

It’s a halloween weekend. What does that mean for you and your family? Do you plan on taking the kids trick or treating? Or are you staying in and having your own little party instead? 

My family is going to spend time with another family who is in our “bubble.” 

So we won’t be home. However I will still put out some candy and tongs for those who wish to trick or treat still. I also plan to have some non candy treats for the teal pumpkin project.

Next up we have the time change, don’t forget to fall back on Sunday November 1st and Dia de los Muertos as well- it’s a big weekend/week ahead. 

Then it's voting day on Tuesday so get out and make your vote count! 

There are a lot of important measures on the ballot, it’s not just about the presidential election. 

I wish you all another great week, as we deal with distance learning and parenting through a pandemic. 

Until next week,