Note from your publisher 11-4-2020

Operation Gratitude- Halloween Candy Give-back program

November 4, 2020

Now that Halloween is over, we have so much candy that we don't want to keep it all to ourselves. There is just too much. I suggest that you look into donating it to Operation Gratitude

Operation Gratitude's  Halloween Candy Give-Back Program has been connecting communities with Military, Veteran and First Responder Heroes each fall since 2007. While Halloween may look a little different this year, Operation Gratitude and their incredible volunteers are committed to continuing to give back in meaningful ways.

Grateful Americans across the nation share a portion of their Halloween candy with Operation Gratitude, and they donate it to Deployed Troops, Local Military Units, Veterans, and First Responders with the goal of forging strong bonds between the civilian and service communities nationwide.

Whether you have participated in previous years, or this will be the first time, you are in for a real “treat” 

Sign up to donate some of your children's Halloween candy today, or you can donate money directly to them and they will send a Candy Care package with your name on it. Donations start at $15 for one Candy Care Package. 

They are currently 47% of the way to their goal of 2020 Halloween Candy Care packages! To be part of the team 2020 Halloween Candy Give back, click here.

Until next week,