Our 3 Favorite Ice Cream Spots in Corona

Sweet Treats for a Hot, Summer Day

By Caitlin Ayers July 9, 2021

3 Places to Grab Your Favorite Scoop of Ice Cream

I've rounded up my family's choices for the top three Ice Cream spots in the Corona-Norco area, along with the reasons that my family loves them. I've listed them in alphabetical order:

Baskin Robbins

2210 Griffin Way

Corona, CA

(951) 272-0357

What we love: Our family has always loved a trip to Baskin Robbins. We each have a favorite. My husband loves their 'Chocolate Fudge', I love 'Icing on the Cake', and our sons love 'Cookies and Cream'. I love that they have seasonal flavors as well. I remember growing up getting to choose my own ice cream cake for my birthday that they would personalize just for me. Famous for their '31 Flavors', Baskin Robbins is sure to have a flavor to make everyone in your family happy.

La Michoacana Ice Cream 

1550 W 6th St.

Corona, CA 92882

(951) 520-1015

What we love: One of our Macaroni Kid Facebook community members, Glenda Ratcliff shared, "My kids like La Michoacán’s for ice cream. So many flavors of ice cream scoops and popsicles." La Michoacana Ice Cream specializes in great-tasting Mexican ice cream and desserts. They also specialize in working with all-natural fresh ingredients. 

Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt

469 Magnolia Ave

Corona, CA 92879

(951) 898-4721

What we love: One of our Facebook community members, Tiffany Horton Alvarez shared, "Golden Spoon has been a favorite since I was I'm high school. I believe our Corona location is one of the last around and I hope it stays forever. It's the best soft serve, in my opinion." Golden Spoon has great soft-served frozen yogurt in a variety of different flavors. My kids love adding different topping to their frozen yogurt in a cup.

I hope this list of a few different, local ice cream shops helps inspire your family to get out this week and enjoy a cold treat on a hot day.

Happiness and Macaroni,