MacKID's Picks: 5 Events For Kids, Families This Week

Learn about Kwanzaa, decorate cookies with Mrs. Claus and more!

By Macaroni KID December 6, 2022

We are loving all these free virtual events available in December. There are so many great ways to keep kids entertained and busy ... and learning! Here are our five picks for online free fun for families Dec. 7-14:

1. Find Out: Where Does Our Energy Come From?

We eat to gain energy so that we can live. But how does it get to us? Where does it come from? Find out how the sun gives us all the energy we need and how all living things depend on photosynthesis, even if we can’t do it ourselves.

2. Learn The 7 Principles Of Kwanzaa

Explore the origin, history, and significance of Kwanzaa and how we can apply the Nguzo Saba (The Seven Principles) in our everyday lives.

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3. What If You Had Your Birthday Party On The Moon?

Tune in as author Joyce Lapin reads her exuberant story, If You Had Your Birthday Party on the Moon and consider how a party in space would be different from one on Earth!

4. Enjoy A 'Soulful Holidays' Storytime

In celebration of the most wonderful time of the year, enjoy a reading of Soulful Holidays written by Ciara L. Hill. The book is a charming rhyme about the food, songs, and cultural decorations of the holiday season, including Kwanzaa! 

5. 🍪 Decorate Cookies With Mrs. Claus

Get your family in the holiday spirit by decorating festive treats with Mrs. Claus!